The Hazards of Drunk Driving

It is quite ordinarily known that the drunkards tend to be the major reason behind the destruction of valuable and innocent lives. Drunken drivers put their as well as others’ lives at stake, causing severe accidents, injuries as well as irrecoverable loss of property. However, the fact that the drunken driver has to remain behind the bars for an extended period remains neglected. He is imprisoned for a fault which was made by him when he was not in his senses. His regret of making a choice to drive being a drunkard and impact of killing the innocent ones is known by very few people. How can he come out of the regret of injuring or killing someone because of his own negligence?

Drunken driving is continuing to be a major problem in the United States. Strict actions are being taken by the states, against the drivers whose Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC) is 0.8 and above. They are supposed to be penalized in a harsh manner if found guilty. Drunken drivers are held accountable for injuring innocent victims by the State Legislatures and Courts. They are either sent to jail or huge penalties are imposed on them for offending rules.

Each year, about 17,000 people are killed, while hundreds of thousands are injured due to these accidents. So, it is high time to take an initiative in order to create awareness among people regarding the consequences of drunken driving. As per survey nearly, eighteen million Americans are considered to be alcoholics.

“Binge Drinking” is the latest trend being followed by the college students. They tend to consume alcohol in such large quantities which turns out to be the reason behind their deaths. Due to binge drinking, they ultimately lose their ability to make sound decisions by reaching the hazardous stages of Blood Alcohol Concentration, which stops them from driving in a safe manner.

It should be understood that drunken driving kills and should be prevented as much as possible. To better understand the risks, bring it down to your level. Is the risk of killing or injuring a fellow citizen worth it? Hopefully most do not think so. If you drink, call a cab (, don’t take the risk.

Remodel In Grey Oaks – A Success!

Grey Oaks in Naples is one of the most prestigious communities offering great residences in this sunny part of Florida. BCBE Construction in Naples is responsible for the latest remodeling project for this wonderful community. The construction company has been known for their quality custom renovation and custom home building.

grey oaks remodelThe remodeling project at first only includes replacement of all doors and windows. Impact glass was opted. However, the management decided to give the entire home a new and modern look. The home was repainted to create a more brighter look – both inside and out.

To create a more contemporary and fun look, the pool and outdoor living area was remodeled. Limestone pavers and castle rock were used in the pool and fountain area. Bright Bermuda glass was also used to create a more refreshing blue pool by changing the waterline tile and spa. To complete the look of the pool area, outdoor kitchen was also updated. New woodwork, countertops, grand limestone hood, and cabinetry were refurbished.

In the living room area, tongue-and-groove wood was also added to accentuate the ceiling. By doing so, it will enhance the view of the fountain from the living room area.

The community of Grey Oaks and BCBE Construction in Naples deserves a pat in the back for a successful remodeling. With a contemporary look more suited for homebuyers nowadays, Grey Oaks in Naples surely outdid themselves.

Naples Real Estate Community Quail West Sales Hit $75 Million

quail westSales recorded in Quail West have left many analysts with gaping mouths. As of last May, the sales have not shown any sign of receding, with just nine closed values coming in at over $10.8 million. As if that is not enough, there are even 14 additional pending sales valued at $18 million. Covering an area of 1,180 acres, North Naples is surely more than a golf course community.

This outstanding jump in the real estate sales has shifted the 2014 year-to-date sales at Quail West to over $72 million. But that again, has not slowed down any progress in the area. There is a total of 69 models, consisting of move-in-ready homes and residences that are under construction in Quail West, and there are other plans in place to start commence in the fall of 2014. This trend extends what has been in place since 2013 when 112 sales valued at over $121 million were concluded at Quail West.

Quite a number of factors have been ascribed to this phenomenal growth. One is the constant availability of complete models and move-in-ready residences, all made by the Preferred Builders of Quail West. As at the time of filing this report, nine fully furnished and completed move-in ready residences – all of these buildings are available for sale to all willing buyers. There are eight additional models and five move-in ready residences that are still being constructed and will be ready for completion by January.

Chesterfield by Stock Signature Homes is one of the most recent in Quail West. Fully furnished, it is the jewel right there in the middle of the Tamworth community. The spacious home covers an area of 4,239 square feet under air. Henley Interior Design and Troy Beasley of Beasley did the lavish interior decoration. The Chesterfield boasts of four bedrooms, two half-bath floor plan, four full baths, corporate living room, dining room, a study, breakfast nook, a double-island kitchen, a family room that has its wine bar and a walk-in wine room. That is not all. There is also a fireplace, a custom pool and spa, a pool bath, a summer kitchen and bar. With all the furnishings and options, The Chesterfield is yours for a little over $1.9 million.

One advantage of these unprecedented sales in Quail West is that the economic activity has pushed up the overall activity in the real estate market. Over 20 estate models, move-in ready and end-user residences are now being built in Quail West. Hidden away along the fairways of the community are natural reserves and lakes. Indeed, Quail West is a sparkling gem in the Naples real estate market. These home sites go for rates between $1.8 million to more than $7 million.
Diamond Custom Homes also make a good standing with the Capistrano estate model. Covering a total of 5,401 square feet, it was designed by Stofft Cooney Architects while Lusia ‘Lou’ Shafran, the principal designer and CEO of Pacifica Interior Design in Naples, did the interior design. There is an enchanting room floor plan featuring four bedrooms, five-and-a-half baths, a parlor, a study, wine room, outdoor living area with a summer kitchen a screen-covered lanai (the screens are retractable). There is also a garage for three cars and a golf cart storage space.

With all these wonderful homes located in elite communities, no homebuyers can resist these lavish homes in Naples.